Bibliographic collection

The heart of this fund is the ancient library of the Reverend Beneficiary Community. Nowadays there are a thousand of books, from the 16th Century to the present day, that are reaching very different knowledge fields: theology, philosophy, Church History, patristic, exegesis, etcetera.

The auxiliary library, a modern one, is a support for the study of the documentation that guards the archive and collects diverse works made in the latest years, after researching in its funds.

Outstanding, both for their beauty and their significance, there are a Lyonnais Bible, from 1564, or the latest edition of the Catalonian Constitutions, from 1704.

Catalogue of the Bibliographic Collection of the Archive
(Collective Catalogue of the Catalonian Bibliographic Patrimony)
Classification Chart of the Santa Maria del Pi Collections
Date:June 05, 2013